The professors of Northwest University School visited IDI about CTLM artificial
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   On February 11, Professor Cao Zhengwen and Luo Hangzai from Northwest University School of Information and Technology, visited IDI and talked about the joint development of CTLM+ artificial intelligence.

    Professor Cao's main research areas are navigation, communication system and quantum positioning technology. Professor Luo is a doctor from branch school of University of North Carolina at Charlotte, who specializes in image processing. Mr. Yang, the Chairman of the company, first showed two professors the office area and the production area, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the composition and working principle of the devices. Then he introduced two professors to the special CTLM consulting room and demonstrated the operation of the device. Later, in the large meeting room, the clinical support physician introduced the CTLM image-reading method and demonstrated the comparison between the 2.0 and 3.0 software for CTLM.

    Under the guidance of Professor Luo, the School of Information and Technology has set up the CTLM artificial intelligence working group, and conducted some preliminary work. It was convenient to observe 3D images with the use of the 3D shutter, Professor Luo said. At the same time, Professor Luo and Cao suggested that we apply for a patent with the combination of B-mode Ultrasound and CTLM, and the Chairman Yang of our company agreed with it, in addition, two sides had in-depth communication in application projects.






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